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One time Enrollment Fee $50 cash $50 Trade


Operating Fees


Monthly fees:

$30 cash $30 Trade Dollars


Trade Transaction Fees:

6% on all Transactions (50%cash / 50%trade)


Credit Card required for All Fees. PayPal Option available after enrollment completed. Taxes not included.


What you get:


Your own High Security EValues trading account-another great way to sell your goods or services.


Online Transaction Processing System


EValues Weekly Broadcast


Statements emailed direct to you Monthly


Searchable and Postable Trade Store System: Access to over $60 Million inventory


TradeWins Email Trade Broadcasts


Up to $10,000 Line of Credit (OAC) Access to many other trade worldwide trade exchanges without paying thousands to join them.


Welcome aboard New Member!


When you have completed your sign up process you will be joining an organization with over 90000 other businesses linked around the world!


Once you are signed up you will receive the following emails in your inbox.


Your account Number with Account handling information

Your PIN number

A copy of EValues Power Point Presentation on how to use the EValues system to enhance your Barter Experience.

Copy of the latest category list.


For all new members we ask you to verify your account information by logging on to Evalues and checking the details on the account. Make sure you have checked off the right preferences for the email messaging system and you have added any other users on your account. i.e. accountants, partners or  managers that you wish to have access. Also important to send us a list of what you need. This is the meat and potatoes of our business, with this timely and frequent request from you we  can service your account with trade opportunities as they occur. Good Luck! and Happy Trading!


All accounts must have valid Credit or Debit Card access for payment processing. PayPal Accounts Prepaid Deposits required. Taxes not included.

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